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SDHC Card – Choosing Right

SDHC Cards – Choosing Right Choosing the right SD or  (Secure Digital High Capacity) SDHC  card for your camera can be almost as mindboggling as choosing a camera.  The card you choose depends on the camera and what type of pictures you normally take. The megapixels of your camera and the size of your photo setting […]

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Camera Zoom

When I purchased a bridge camera a few years ago as a backup to my DSLR, I had no idea what the difference was between optical & digital camera zoom.   Luckily, I decided on the 20x optical with a 4x digital zoom (without really knowing why) rather than the newer model that offered 10x optical […]

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Choosing a Digital Camera

Choosing a digital camera for the first time can be more than a bit mindboogling.   Not only the number of  brands and models, but the cost, type, size, functions and compatibility can be overwhelming.  Add to that where to buy a camera. I don’t think anyone choosing a camera for the first time in this […]

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