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What is a Picture?

What is a Picture?  “A picture is worth a thousand words.” How many times have you  heard that saying? Have you ever been out walking on that first really beautiful day after the snow melts and the days grow warmer?  The sun is shining, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and the grass is […]

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SDHC Memory Card – Class

So a bit more on the SDHC memory card.    During the summer, I popped into Wal-Mart to purchase a new SDHC memory card while we were on a trip back east.  They had a Lexar Platinum II, 32 GB, 100X, on sale for $45.00.  Great price to start with.  What I didn’t know is that […]

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What is Peripheral Illumination Correction all about? The following is from Cannon USA. Virtually all camera lenses are designed so that the volume of light transmitted to the image sensor tends to decrease somewhat from the center of the image to the corners. Many different terms are used to describe this phenomenon, such as “vignetting,” […]


Ideas for your Photos – External Hard Drive

Now that you have taken a ton of images get them off your camera and SDHC card with transfer to an External Hard Drive. I am one of those amateur photographers that takes far more shots than necessary just to ensure I don’t miss anything.  Often shooting on continuous mode on my DSLR.  I am […]

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SDHC Card – Choosing Right

SDHC Cards – Choosing Right Choosing the right SD or  (Secure Digital High Capacity) SDHC  card for your camera can be almost as mindboggling as choosing a camera.  The card you choose depends on the camera and what type of pictures you normally take. The megapixels of your camera and the size of your photo setting […]

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Choosing a Digital Camera

Choosing a digital camera for the first time can be more than a bit mindboogling.   Not only the number of  brands and models, but the cost, type, size, functions and compatibility can be overwhelming.  Add to that where to buy a camera. I don’t think anyone choosing a camera for the first time in this […]

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