SDHC Card – Choosing Right

SDHC Cards – Choosing Right Choosing the right SD or  (Secure Digital High Capacity) SDHC  card for your camera can be almost as mindboggling as choosing a camera.  The card you choose depends on the camera and what type of pictures you normally take. The megapixels of your camera and the size of your photo setting […]

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Editing – Centering and Cropping

  Centering and cropping an image that does not quite capture what you visioned with the naked eye can save your picture from the trash.  Is it off centre or seems to have too much background?    Before you delete it, bring it up on the viewer on your camera and play with it to […]

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Insufficient Lighting

Insufficient lighting or shadows?  Use a flash, but remember your built in flash only extends a short distance in front of you (check you’re User Manual).  If your camera has a flash attachment, try this for inside shots, setting the flash at different angles to get the best results.  If your camera has night or […]

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Blurry Pictures

Blurry Pictures Who hasn’t taken a picture that is blurry!  Try some of these easy fixes to correct those blurry pictures. First of all ensure the auto focus is set on your camera.  If you have a DSLR or a bridge camera, it contains both auto and manual focus settings.   It is sometimes difficult […]

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Red Eye

Red Eye Taking pictures in dim or dark light sometime causes the flash to reflect off the subject’s eyes, illuminating the blood vessels in the retina, causing what we call “red eye”. Some tips: 1. Ensure the red eye reduction function/feature on your camera is set to yes. 2. Try taking the picture without a […]

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Using the Zoom

On a trip to Greece a few years ago, we took a four day cruise through the Islands.    We passed so many beautiful settings and l  took some shots from the ship using the zoom on my bridge camera  just to capture some of the beauty of the landscapes.  5 mm (0 zoom) – We […]

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Camera Zoom

When I purchased a bridge camera a few years ago as a backup to my DSLR, I had no idea what the difference was between optical & digital camera zoom.   Luckily, I decided on the 20x optical with a 4x digital zoom (without really knowing why) rather than the newer model that offered 10x optical […]

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Choosing a Digital Camera

Choosing a digital camera for the first time can be more than a bit mindboogling.   Not only the number of  brands and models, but the cost, type, size, functions and compatibility can be overwhelming.  Add to that where to buy a camera. I don’t think anyone choosing a camera for the first time in this […]

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