I am an amateur photographer. I use both amateur and photographer in the most general of terms.

I became obsessed with taking pictures when my oldest son was born (he turned 40 last year) and, yet, I know very little about what a professional photographer would describe as the “art of photography”.

I own a DSLR camera, several  lens, a high end point and shoot “Bridge” camera, flash attachments, three photo printers, a photo scanner, two video cameras and all the boxes of odds and ends that go along with being obsessed with taking pictures. My passion, to date, lies in the finished product, not how I got there. It is not that I did not have great ambitions advance past the beginner photography level, but the years went by, and as my girlfriend likes to say, “life got in the way”. There just did not seem like there was enough hours in the day or little grey cells available to absorb the intricacies of manual settings, apertures, focal lengths and so on, or to attend classes. And, my friends and family just accepted that I would always have a camera with me for holidays and family times, and the pictures, whether good or bad, were still photographic memories.

Photography is such a broad term, encompassing so many topics and products; so many avenues of knowledge, whether it be the internet or a photography school. I cannot believe how much I have learned just researching what and how to build this website, and how much more I can learn with you and from you. I hope you will join me in this amazing journey into the beginners’ world of photography.