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So a bit more on the SDHC memory card.    During the summer, I popped into Wal-Mart to purchase a new SDHC memory card while we were on a trip back east.  They had a Lexar Platinum II, 32 GB, 100X, on sale for $45.00.  Great price to start with.  What I didn’t know is that SDHC memory cards have a “class”.  This one was a 10, top of the line for this speed and card.   The young man that was assisting me took the time to explain that the higher the class, the better quality picture you will get.  For my camera, a Canon T2i, he suggested I always use a Class 10.

I was taking action shots in auto sports mode at the National Championships in Whitby, Ontario, and couldn’t believe the improvement in speed and clarity of the shots on the Canon T2i.  Over the summer I had attended three major tournaments and was extremely disappointed in the action shots I had taken.   The lighting was so bad at one of the tournaments that I did not get one photo that was not blurred in some aspect, even shooting with a 6400 ISO.  The second tournament, the lighting was a bit better, but still a great number of disappointing images.   At the National championships, with the new card, I was absolutely astonished at the difference the SDHC memory card made.  The images were sharp, no blur, with good color.  I even shot a number of images with just a regular lens and was able to crop them without any loss of clarity.

I recently mentioned this to a girlfriend who is just starting out with a DSLR camera, and she promptly went out and bought a new SDHC memory card, Class 10.  She was ecstatic with the performance of the card and said she noticed immediately the improvement in all aspects of her photos.

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