Top Toys 2012

Top Toys for 2012


Once again, Wii comes to us as one of the Top Toys 2012!

The Wii U (from Nintendo)

Billed by many as “The Electronic Toy of the Season,” this is the newest generation of the ever-popular Wii games.  The console allows kids to watch television, movies, and play games on the TV or on the hand-held console. It also  allows kids to interact with their TV shows—learning related information and playing games based on them.

Perfect for ages:   recommended for 9+, but don’t get stuck on age  limitations.
Price: $299 and $349
Purchase online – BEST BUY





2. Silverlit Porsche 911

Car fans get ready! This sleek sports car is designed to run using the power of kids’ iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad as the remote control. Car goes in all directions, speeds up, slows down, and its lights all work, just like a real car.
Perfect for ages: 10+
Price: $79.99
Available at: Silverlit






  • 3. Zynga Games Words with Friends (from Hasbro)

    If kids love playing Words With Friends on their computer or phone, then they’ll love this new board game, too. Similar to the mobile game and to Scrabble, Words With Friends Luxe Edition allows players to take turns placing tiles onto the game board, building upon opponent’s word creations with their own.

    Perfect for ages: 13+

    Price: starting at $14.99

    Buy now at: (search Zynga)

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