Canon Rebel T4i – Review – Getting Started

I’ve spent the last week trying out my new Canon Rebel T4i  (having upgraded from a T2i) and love the new matte finish, variable touch screen and the added functions and features.  There are so many features I wasn’t aware of that I could not go through them all at once.

One of my favourites on the Canon Rebel T4i – the variable screen.  Not only is it a touch screen, but the new “Feature Guide” is a simple description of the respective functions or options/modes you choose.  The Feature Guide is displayed when you change the shooting mode or use the Quick Control screen to set a shooting function.  Text tells you what shooting mode you are in and a brief description of the mode.  In some cases (Night Scene) it gives you tips on shooting in the particular mode.  The Feature Guide turns off when you tap the screen or proceed with the operation.

Also new is the Quick Control screen (Q button for short) for all auto settings.

Now you can set ambience, light/scene-based shots, continuous shooting and timer on all auto settings. Creative Auto (CA) allows you to set ambience-based shots, blur/sharpen background, continuous shooting, timer and flash firing.

Creative auto screen


Auto Movie function has been added to the ON/OFF dial/switch, eliminating the need to lower your camera and reset the Mode Dial to movie.  The record button remains a simple thumb reach from the ON/OFF/MOVIE switch.





MODE DIAL – Auto settings  (NEW)

AUTO is now “SCENE INTELLIGENT AUTO”.   The camera analyzes the scene and sets the optimum settings automatically.  It also adjusts focus automatically by detecting whether the subject is still or moving.  If the subject moves while or after you focus, Al Servo AF will take over to focus the subject continuously as long as you keep pressing the shutter button halfway and keep the AF on your subject.  If required, the built in flash will raise automatically.

Creative Auto   (CA) – Easily change the ambience, depth of field (background blur), drive mode (single/continuous shooting) and flashing firing (auto, flash on/off).

Handheld Night Scene  – Take a Night Scene photo without a tripod.  Four shots are taken continuously for each picture and are aligned together for a bright image with reduced camera shake.

HDR Backlight Control – This mode is for shooting a scene photo with both bright and dark areas.  Three continuous shots are taken at different exposures and aligned to enhance detail and reduce shadows.

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