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External Hard DriveNow that you have taken a ton of images get them off your camera and SDHC card with transfer to an External Hard Drive.

I am one of those amateur photographers that takes far more shots than necessary just to ensure I don’t miss anything.  Often shooting on continuous mode on my DSLR.  I am also a procrastinator about downloading and cataloging images stored on the SDHC card (sometime up to 2000 images).  I would pick certain images and save them to a file on my computer desktop or just download the whole card onto the desktop and then curse because my computer was running so slow.  What with 5,000 or 6,000 photos sitting on the hard drive, go figure!

Technology to the rescue – a 1 TB external hard drive.  I don’t have to download photos, categorize and wait while it burns to CD or DVD.  Pop in your card, review photos, or just pick the photos you want to keep by highlighting them, use the copy function in “file” or Alt C, open your external hard drive and paste.  To organize the photos, I have year folders, and then event or date subfolders.  Clicking on the subfolder gives me the pictures from that occasion.

>Computer > My Passport (L) >


  • Easter in the Park
  • John’s Birthday
  • Donnie’s Graduation

After checking that the photos actually copied to the external hard drive, I delete the image from the SDHC card.  It’s fast, accurate and I don’t have a huge box of CDs and DVDs that I have to sort through and plug into the computer.  I know at a glance where the pictures I want to use are.

I have approximately 5,000 photos as well has a backup for my hard drive on my external hard drive, and have used under 20% of the external hard drive.  A friend of mine who is far beyond my skills with a computer, has an external hard drive stand with six external hard drives containing everything from photos, games, videos, emails, personal documents and more.  He keeps nothing on his computer hard drive, except necessary programs, so his computer runs at optimum speed.

    • Check it out.  The external  hard drives may seem a bit expensive to start with, but the ease of accessibility and the peace of mind, knowing you will not lose your pictures if your computer crashes, is well worth the price.

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