Insufficient Lighting

Insufficient lighting or shadows?  Use a flash, but remember your built in flash only extends a short distance in front of you (check you’re User Manual).  If your camera has a flash attachment, try this for inside shots, setting the flash at different angles to get the best results.  If your camera has night or night portrait setting, try this, not only at night, but indoors as well and don’t be shy about trying other settings on your camera.  Just because the setting is for aquarium, doesn’t mean it will not work well at an indoor pool.

These pictures were taken inside the HOOVER DAM.  The one on the left with the built in flash on a DSLR (obviously my flash provided insufficient lighting) and the one on the right, same camera, on SPORT mode because I did not have my external flash with me.  The colors and lighting will not be exact, but once again use your photo program to get the best results.  I reduced the color saturation (Windows Photo Gallery) on the photo on the right left to get rid of some of the glare.

Hoover DamHoover Dam

Remember to use the available features on your digital camera.  For example if you are attempting to capture fireworks, and your camera has a fireworks setting, try it.  Most digital cameras have several scene settings, including indoor, sun, cloud, beach, snow, aquarium, sunset and many more, as well as lighting settings – tungsten, fluorescent, etc.  Check your user manual and play with them.  You may find settings that work well for surroundings other than what they were intended for!

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