Editing – Centering and Cropping


Centering and cropping an image that does not quite capture what you visioned with the naked eye can save your picture from the trash.  Is it off centre or seems to have too much background?    Before you delete it, bring it up on the viewer on your camera and play with it to modify the focal point of your subject.   Zoom in on the viewer centering the image, and move it around on the screen so you can see what the picture will look like centering it or without the chatter or excessive background.  Some newer cameras have an in camera cropping feature, but if yours does not, plug your card into your computer or printer and cropping it  to get that perfect picture.   If you are modifying the picture right from the card, remember that with some  editing programs what you do to it will be your final picture and it will save to the card as the original.  You may want to make a copy of the original picture before you modify it, saving it to the SDHC card or your computer.  Pictures with too much background and/or way off centre are great as backgrounds in a collage.

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