Using the Zoom

On a trip to Greece a few years ago, we took a four day cruise through the Islands.    We passed so many beautiful settings and l  took some shots from the ship using the zoom on my bridge camera  just to capture some of the beauty of the landscapes.

 5 mm (0 zoom) – We will call this wide angle.  The ship is still travelling, so we get  closer as well as zooming in.  We also have a bit of sun glare, but it gives you an idea of how far out we were.


28 mm – still in the optical zoom





100 mm (20x optical zoom) + about 1.5x digital


80x Total zoom (20x optical and 4x digital)

On maximum optical & digital zoom, the picture is pretty grainy, and if you enlarged this, you would see that the picture appears out of focus, but, and this is a BIG but, I love this picture!  I used it as the page background in a photo album, and it gave me a beautiful contrast to the sharp, clear images I added and arranged on top of it.

So go out or just stay in and play using the zoom on your camera.  You will be amazed at the clarity and detail of the pictures.   Just a few things to remember — the more you are using the zoom, the more you will get camera shake, and it does at times become difficult to focus and stay centered on your image.  Line up your shot before you zoom.  If you can, use a tripod.  Even a table top or a single shaft tripod or setting the camera on a solid object like a retaining wall will help you get a clearer shot.  I like to leave the “beep” on so the camera can tell me when I have the best focus.  I also use the viewfinder so I can see just exactly what I am shooting .

Happy Shooting!

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